The honeymoon's over for Trillion Poker and Boss Media, it appears.


The honeymoon's over for Trillion Poker and Boss Media, it appears.

Harsh words and litigation were the order of the day this week as a serious falling-out between Boss Media's International Poker Network and one of the member websites, Trillion Poker surfaced. Reports are that Trillion is departing the Boss Media network under acrimonious conditions, threatening to lodge a garnishee order along with a Euro 45 million law suit.

Trillion players were apparently advised in an email from the company that it has sought an order freezing the bank accounts of Boss Holdings Limited, claiming that Boss and its online payments processor Webdollar would be legally pursued for alleged fraudulent and potentially criminal conduct by unamed personnel.

Andy Pyrah, the CEO of Poker Trillion, commented to Card Player.com: "As a small and new entrant to the market we are taking a zero tolerance approach to being mistreated by Boss Media. Owing to the massive irregularities surrounding Boss Media and their handling of Poker Trillion, this led to a number of contractual issues that in turn has led to us making some extremely exciting and important developments in the way in which we operate our business".

Poker Trillion also issued a strongly worded press statement, warning customers of other poker rooms on the Boss Network to be concerned about their funds:

"It is to be expected that if Boss Media follow the proper code of conduct then they will shortly make a full and complete disclosure to the Stockholm Stock Exchange on which they are listed; this invariably will have a catastrophic effect on their share price, and may even lead to the arrest by the authorities of certain members of their management team and the possible suspension of their shares.

"This in turn would mean that players not in the Poker Trillion stable could find their funds that are held by other partners of Boss Media in serious jeopardy."

Boss Media has reacted by issuing a statement acknowledging the allegations but asserting that its policy is not to comment publicly.

"PokerTrillion's allegations may however have created uncertainty among players regarding the availability of player funds. Boss Media therefore wishes clarify the situation," the statement read.

"When a partner of the International Poker Network is terminated the partner will be allowed a period to migrate its players from the network. During such period, and a period after the migration period to be agreed with the poker partner, player funds are available for withdrawal from Webdollar as usual.

"Consequently the player funds are readily available and can be withdrawn by the players at any time until Boss Media is instructed otherwise by PokerTrillion."

Whilst there is clearly much as yet undisclosed detail in the dispute, unconfirmed and speculative rumour is that it is in relation to alleged rakeback violations and the discounted tournament entries the poker room offered.

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